Kelly Home Tarn & Tarn Hows

Kelly Home Tarn

Batteries charged, memory cards wiped, camera and lenses quick wipe over and of course my flask filled with hot milky coffee, ready for my early start to hopefully capture a sunrise up in the lakes. My aim for the morning was to visit a couple of tarns i had never been to before, Kelly home Tarn and the more well known Tarn Hows. Made good time as the roads are pretty dead at 6.15am on a frosty Saturday morning, arrived just after 7.00am. Both tarns are situated very close to Lake Coniston. Car park ( well bit of waste land) was empty, as expected at silly O’clock on a Saturday morning. Wrapped up like an eskimo i ventured up the path towards the tarn. To my surprise, about 100 yards up, through a wooden gate/style and pretty much straight onto the tarn. As mentioned it was a tad frosty, so much that the whole tarn was frozen over. Had about 45 minutes before sunrise so had a quick scout around to find a decent composition, the tarn is not that big so soon settled on a view shooting over the tarn towards the Old Man of Coniston range of snow covered hills. Sunrise finally showed itelf, i had to wait a while for the sun to peak over some mountain range before it lit up the Old Man. The light was amazing although i had to be quick as it soon lit up the whole range very quickly. Done a few pano’s as well as a few normal shots. Had a bit of a mooch around, Lake coniston is literally a couple hundred meters over the hill so made a mental note to come back here again at some point. I think come spring this tarn will be amazing to shoot. Packed up, back to the car, quick coffee then set the sat nav for tarn Hows.

Tarn Hows

15 minutes and a quite a few winding roads later  i made it to Tarn Hows. Again to find it frozen over with sprinkles of frosty dust blowing across the surface, looked amazing. I had lost the best of the light as now the sun was well up although the clouds were making an appearance, even tried to snow for about 10 minutes. Parked up in the National trust car park, only about 6 cars so plenty of spaces. Now Tarn Hows is pretty big for a Tarn, its obviously a favourite with visitors, has its own proper path all around the tarn so very accessible for all ages. Got slightly side tracked whilst walking to the tarn, heard running water so had a bit of a recce into the woods to find what i believe was the start of ” Tom Gill” waterfalls. I did not venture to far down as to be honest the ground was very icy and still a bit tender after a tumble i took when doing Catbells and High Spy a few weeks back. Grabbed a couple of small water shots, stuck on my Polariser and grad filter to help slow the shutter down a bit. That done had a bit of a walk around the tarn, struggled to really get a composition, the lighing had gone and the frozen water just did not do it for me. Met up with another TOG who kindly showed me the place to go to get the go to shot of Tarn Hows. Little bit of a walk and we were looking down on Tarn Hows with a fantastic view of the snow covered  mountains in the background. The Fairfield Horseshoe and Red Screes among them. Again opted for the pano then got the 70-200mm out for a few up close and personals of the snow covered peaks, especially once the light peaked through the clouds and lit them up. Again this place will be amazing come spring but i can see it will have to be a very early shoot as it will be packed with hikers and general visitors. Back to the car park  for about 12.00 noon where i struggled to get out of it as it was rammed. Both tarns on my list to revisit. Hope you enjoyed my first blog and like the images.