Due to been very busy over the last year or so with various things I had missed doing the photography for the twice yearly Bulldog Rescue “Stroll on the Prom” . So last week, Sunday 14th March I made time to get out with my cameras and do my bit to help raise money for the charity.

This was the 19th Stroll organised by a lady better known in Bulldog circles as the “Crazy Bulldog Lady”. Allwyn is very passionate about raising awareness for dogs and especially Bulldogs. She is always finding ways to raise money for the charity and has a great following of fellow Bulldog owners who support her with her mission.

This stroll had been getting a lot of publicity on Heart radio, by Danny Mathews, our local radio DJ who has a couple of Westies himself called Lulu & Rocky.  Well Danny very kindly found the time to turn up with Lulu & Rocky and joined us all on the walk along Morecambe promenade.

The meeting place for the walk is held at the Cumberland View pub which is a dog friendly pub. Dozens of Bulldog and other breed owners turned up with their pooches to attend the walk. The actual stroll is only a short walk from the Cumberland View down the promenade ( via the beach if you wanted) past the Battery and usually ends up at the big picture frame opposite Regent road and the old Carleton Nightclub. It’s a great site to see the whole promenade taken up with Bulldogs on leads all walking together as happy as Larry.

Once there a few more photos taken using the picture frame then its turn around and head back to the Cumberland for Tea/Coffee Soup and Sandwiches and maybe a beer. Then Allwyn and her helpers do raffles, auctions and generally have loads of doggy items on sale. All the proceeds from these go straight to Bulldog Rescue.

This walk raised a magnificent £1202.45. I must admit the work and commitment and the support from all the Bulldog owners is amazing and just shows what can be done for good causes. As usual I was happy snapping away and managed to capture some lovely images of the dogs who can look quite comical at times.  Enjoy.