Well it has been as busy year for me travelling around for my landscape photographs, not to mention some studio stuff and of course all the weddings I have had the privilege of shooting. Just completed and delivered my last wedding for Suzanne and Paul. It was a first for me, getting to shoot inside Lancaster Castle. They only hold a small handful of weddings there each year and to be able to get inside with a camera was a great bonus as no photography is allowed inside the castle unless shooting a wedding. Even then I was restricted to shooting in certain areas. 

The wedding was a late afternoon service held in the ” Hadrian’s tower”. Quite a small cylindrical room built way back in 1210. The room had medieval displays around the wall showing off old types of restraints, chains etc. Around the top of the tower was a circular walkway display lances, spikes and various other antique weaponry. 


The service was brilliant, got some lovely photos inside the tower, then when it came to sign the registry, Suzanne and Paul had opted to sign it in a small prison cell just outside the tower room. Again another first for me. Loving the after ceremony photos from inside the tower and also on the balcony above.

After the ceremony we were gifted with a lovely sunset. Had plenty of laughs doing the formals then i managed to get the bride and groom on their own. Caught some gorgeous light at the side of the castle for some personal photos. 

The reception was held just across the road at the new refurbished Kings Arms Hotel. The place was beautiful inside, the staff were great and so helpful. 

After the usual cake cutting and first dance completed i took the bride and groom back across to the castle to do some OCF( off camera flash) work in front of the castles main entrance. I had a couple of little helpers with me as unfortunately it definitely not a one man job. The results speak for themselves. Massive thanks you again to paul and suzanne for giving me the opportunity to shoot at the castle and get some amazing images for them