Fine Art Photography

Well Autumn has seemed to have come and gone so quickly and I did not really make the most of capturing all the gorgeous autumnal colours on display in the landscapes. However these now dark, bland and gloomy days opens up the opportunity to try something new. I have been watching and seeing an increase in what I like to call ” Fine art photography” images and videos.

The trick is to find a subject quite isolated, have no background to distract you and then in photoshop blend the sky and the sea/land together and make it all one. ( easier said than done). Converting the image to a black and white in my opinion give the image more impact, plus it does make the converting process in photoshop slightly easier.

I find to get the best results are to take your images on a dull grey day where the land/sea and sky colours are all muted which helps the blending process although not essential. As mentioned a nice clear background is also favourable but again this can be removed if you are quite proficient in photoshop or any other editing software. To achieve these images I used my 10 stop filter, which allowed me to get exposures over 2 minutes long, this gave that nice smooth silky look to the sea and the sky.

All of the above images where taken in Morecambe Bay, high tide and in the middle of the day which as a rule is not the best time for landscape photography but in these cases its not that important, especially if your turning the images into black and white.

These images were taken mid morning at Cleveley’s, about 50 minutes from my home. The art form in the water is called Mary’s Shell. Mary’s shell is a huge piece of public art. A metal sculpture, it’s part of the Mythic Coast art trial which brings the story of the sea swallow to life.!

Public Art: Mary’s Shell on Cleveleys Beach

Equipment used.

Canon EOSR with 24-105mm lens.