Hornby Hunt Day

I was invited by a friend who is also a rider to attend a local, what we might call a fox hunting day. I first need to clarify that this day did not involve hunting foxes or any other animal come to that. Let me explain. The event is run by ” The Bedale Hunt club ” .  To watch this amazing day, it has all the traits of a fox hunting day, the horses, the hounds, the riders in the red jackets, black jackets and a tweed jackets, you get the idea.  Before the hunt started someone had been out very early around the fields where the ride was to take place and laid a trail with some sort of chemical that must resemble the scent of a fox for the hounds to follow. 

I arrived at the village of Hornby just outside Lancaster quite early on this Sunday morning, it was  a fresh morning to say the least. The local pub car park was full of 4×4’s with horse boxes in tow. The whole of the main street was a wash with horses and riders and the sound of dogs barking, must admit it was sight to see. What i did not realise is that the hunt sets off and fairly covers some miles, keeping up with them was never going to happen on foot. I noticed a reporter from the Horse & Hound magazine was getting ferried around on the back of a quad to get his shots. I managed to find out roughly where the hunt would be passing and placed myself behind a rather large hedge that i knew they were going to be coming over. Now these hunts are for all ages so obviously the smaller rider could not traverse the bigger jumps so the hedges had cut outs in them for the riders who did not fancy the jump. The sound of the horn and the howling of the hounds in the distance coming towards you was something to see and hear. What i found quite surreal was half way through the hunt, they all stopped and someone brought out trays with drinks on them, Brandy, Whisky maybe, not sure but it added to the grandeur of the day. Anyways got my photos, typically missed the killer shot of the day when a young lad failed to make the jump and got thrown arse over tit off his horse.  Both rider and horse were fine, he soon got back in the saddle and carried on. I did not know that some of them wear what looks like a body warmer but is in fact an inflatable vest which inflates on any sort of impact to protect the rider, how cool. Although i do believe its quite expensive to get fixed once it had inflated. Anyways. Hope you like the photos.