Meet Phoebe and Milly

A friend of mine asked if I would be interested in photographing her and a friend on their horses, well who was I to turn down an excuse to try something new.

Edyta turned up with Phoebe, a gorgeous grey horse and Jess turned up on Milly, an older horse but you would never have guessed watching them both fly up and down the beach. 

The weather was not the best shall we say, dark and gloomy cloud cover with a hint of rain which made photographing the horses awkward as I had to always shoot away from the rain to keep it off the lenses. 

After a good run out I asked if they would mind in I tried a bit of OCF with them. ( Off Camera Flash). My only worry would be if the horses would be startled with the strobes but I had nothing to worry about all all. The only thing that slightly rattled Phoebe was my camera strap blowing in the wind. Here a few images using OCF.

Horse Portraits.

Well a lot of interest was shown with my beach photos, so much so I was asked if I would try and do some close up portrait shoots. These six horses are mainly used for pulling carriages for weddings, Funerals, Proms etc.

Master & Jip

Master and Jip are the two main work horses shall we say. They are the older pair of the bunch.

Jeff & Harry

These boys are the up and coming horses that will at some point take over the lead rolls held by Master and Jip

Abe & Banjo

The babies of the team, ever so playful but getting trained up non the less to be a vital part of the team.