Touchline Photography at Morecambe FC

Being a member of Lancaster photographic Society really opens up doors to things I would probably have never normally have the chance to do. This weekend gone, myself and two other members had the opportunity to go to the Globe Arena, Morecambe FC’s home ground with permission to photograph the game against Mansfield Town from down on the touchline. Up close and personal with the players and officials.

We arrived at the Globe Arena about an hour before kick off where we got shown around the ground and was told the best places to set up to possibly get the best action shots. Then given our official photographer bibs we were left to our our own devices. The weather seemed to be on our side, the sun went in behind the clouds and the predicted high winds did not make much of an appearance. 

First half Morecambe attacked the away end so we all set up just in front of the touchline at the Mansfield end to hopefully capture some Morecambe attacks and the odd goal or two. Unfortunately no goals in the first half but one or two decent images taken.

Equipment wise I went with two bodies, both Canon 5d mkii’s, one with a 70-200mm and the other with the wider 24-105mm. The 200mm had the reach across the pitch and up to the halfway line comfortably but any goal line action in the other half was a struggle and required some cropping to get in close.

Half time blew so we swapped ends, so again we were in the away teams half awaiting for Morecambe to crack in a few goals. Alas first blood went to Mansfield as Joe Riley opened up the scoring in the 60th minute. Not the plan we had envisaged. Bit of a blow to the Morecambe fans who up to this point had been in good spirits with plenty of drum banging and singing.

Morecambe soon recomposed themselves and it was not long before they started pressuring Mansfield to the point where in the 85th minute Alex Kenyon ( Sub) scored the equaliser in front of the home crowd which was followed by some great celebrations. Five minutes of injury time played out where it saw the game end in a one all draw. Not a bad result for Morecambe who are struggling at the moment and are second from the bottom of division 2, so a hard earned point was welcome. 

I had a brilliant time, trying a new form of photography, trying to have your camera ready in the aim predicting the next move of the players and trying to keep focus. I can honestly say out of the hundreds of photos taken I binned an awful lot due to out of focus. Big thank you to Morecambe FC for given us the opportunity to spend the day on the touchline.